Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vegas Baby! Sort of...

Ok, so I guess it takes having a child,being married and in your 30s to go someplace off the strip in Vegas. To see the "other side" of Vegas, check out the Red Rocks Canyon, but stay away from the Bonnie Springs motel. If the free, albeit very dangerous petting zoo doesn't scare you, the bedspread will. Even if you stay in the Bellagio, it's worth the trip to head out to the canyons for some breathtaking hikes and some smoke free air.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pimptastic in NYC

Good times were had in NYC this weekend as mama Riggs painted the town with super mom Meg "high Wattage" Williams. It was the latest night this mom will see for quite some time and thus I must document it for posterity.

The night began with my girl Marla at Ethel's on the Upper West side....very loungy and Morrocan. Then I hopped into a cab to meet Meg and clan at one of those "we're too cool to have a sign outside" clubs in Hell's Kitchen. The music was bumpin' and the Red Bulls flowing, ...both key ingredients to keep me awake past 10pm. One short cab ride later and we hopped out to see none other than Dan Aykroyd, lingering around NBC studios, trying to look important. Which leads me to the night's excitement...meeting up with our buds from LA, Damian and Hayes. We all headed to Asia de Cuba,.....drinkies for some, and a VIP dinner for others. Good times indeed.....Special thanks to Hayes and his wife for putting up with our "tag-along" butts !