Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When I'm bored....

Which isnt much these days between work, working out and family stuff.... I have some favorite websites that I poke around on. Here is the perfect example of a great time-killer site: Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Another thing I like to do is pretend I have enough flow to even consider buying a new house....one with some of the things we crave right now - a pantry, a wider garage, a 4th bedroom, etc. So I love to peek at the homes for sale on Zillow. While the market is putred right now, it makes for a GREAT time to get a steal on a second home/investment home.

And finally, if I'm really bored, I pour over trashy gossip sites:
Perez, The Superficial, X 17

go ahead and click 'em, I wont tell...

Monday, January 28, 2008

stomping the pavement

No, I have not lost the last ten lbs of baby weight yet, no I do not have any pants that fit, yes I do eat whatever I want (remind me to share the amazing panini recipe from this weekend - bacon, ham, chedder cheese,ahhhhh) and yes I have started working out. Sooooooo...either I am going to have to start working out more, and harder, or I will have to lose the beer, bread and sugar from my diet...which to me, is like cutting off a limb with a dull knife. I have decided to give it until the end of March before I start to panic or even consider buying pants that are a size or two bigger. They say it takes 9 months to put it on, so you should expect that it will take that long to take it off....that makes sense right? So that gets me into the summer before I have to start finding another excuse. But for now, I enjoy using the Nike Training Log to track my workouts. Aside from the fact that they will supply you with a running plan, its very motivating to enter in your workouts each day....and then at the end of each month you can't lie to yourself about how hard you have been working bc its all right there!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Yes friends....this is where I live. And no, this is not an exaggeration.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two things....

I'm going to try and make this blogging thing more regular now that I am in a "routine." Since I sit in front of a computer most weekdays I get to poke around to a lot of great websites and blogs. So here are my two things for today.

This past weekend I got a great facial at my favorite spa, Calista Grand and while I was there noticed a great line of handbags....big and small and very colorful. All leather but so supple I though they might be vegan. Anyway, visit Latico Leathers. I was dying to buy one, but resisted....I cannot justify another bag right now. Which leads me to a thought I have all of the time - Why cant stars like Lindsay Lohan and Mary Kate Olsen donate their sweet handbags to fashionista suburban moms like me? I mean, I once saw a cribs episode with Kimora Lee and she was showing us her closet...which had, seriously, about 150 designer handbags strewn on the shelves like stepchildren. She totally is no longer going to carry them, bc they are SO last year or whatever. So what happens to all of these handbags that stars carry for about a week and then toss? Toss them my way sistas! Seriously...I need to start a little handbag drive for us budget conscious moms who crave a little bit of luxe! Anyway, thats what I was thinking about last night in yoga during shavasana when I was supposed to be imagining myself floating atop water like a lily pad.

One a more serious note, lets switch gears bc this week my favorite girlfriend Oprah gave us her Oprahs Quit Smoking Challenge. I dare say I still have a few peeps who allow themselves to smoke. You know who you are!! Oprah can help!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to 2008

What's new? Well, in my world, some things very new, some things seem never to change. For starters, things are calming on the home front. My little hero Indy has been sleeping through the night since Christmas. It was his first present to me....the BEST present ever I might add.

I chopped all of my locks off just after Christmas. 12 inches off! 10 of them went to the Beautiful Lengths campaign. (the Hilary Swank thing)
My haircut was inspired by Kim Bauer of 24, season two :) But it didnt quite turn out like that. I was going for an edgy platinum do and ended up with soccer mom usa. Hmmmm....next haircut in a few weeks and perhaps we can punch it up a bit. I'd post a pic, but it seems the only time a camera is weilded around me its to take a pic of my insanely cute wee ones. That, and I still need to drop 10 more lbs before I let someone document my appearance.

Indy started daycare....it was not at all traumatic bc of my confidence in the care at the Gore ELC. I could hug those gals. They had the boy painting and napping on his very first day! Not to mention that Olivia now is on the computer as much as me bc of their encouragement at the Gore ELC....between that and her enthuisiasm for puzzles I might just have a real life little einstein (her fav show) on my hands, says the proud mama.

A friend passed along a catalogue this week to me and I am dying to buy some great frocks for Indy...I have to share: Chasing Fireflies. Too bad I'm too broke to order anything. The website itself is cheesy but the clothing is charming.

So....looking ahead...what shall we look forward to? Well, a couple of things on the horizon: UA Basketball w Senior star Elena Delle Donne. ....hoping to catch a game in the next few weeks

Valentines day....my gift to Riggs is going to be relieving him the stress of finding a gift for me by purchasing it for him. I got a great personalized necklace w the kids name on it. I love personalized stuff and think this gals work is really great:Suzanne Myers

Superbowl - my future second husband Tom Brady will carry the Pats and all of the URI Alumni aka New England fans to victory once again.

Other than that, in Feb we look forward to a visit from Katie, Jordan and Riley from Indianapolis...stay tuned for pics.