Monday, December 04, 2006

Thankfully, aside from a personal trip to Indianapolis for Turkey day, the travel has slowed a bit. Giving me time to organize the homefront and take a breather from the recycled airplane air. Our trip to Indy was pretty great. Olivia had a blast getting to know her extended family and really had a lot of fun with her second cousin, Phoebe, who is 5 years old. We took some family photos in a local park which we're pretty anxious to see. We come home just to time for the weather to get crispy cold and the holiday music to start playing on the local radio stations. We took that as a sign it was time to cut down a tree. Here Olivia and I are happily looking for the perfect tree to take home. And Daddy and Olivia are sharing a ride on the tractor. We're really looking forward to a quiet family Christmas at home. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Monday, November 06, 2006

After a whirlwind of travel back and forth from East Coast to West, I am home catching my breath again. Was in Portland, OR this past weekend for the launch of our mobile marketing tour....lots of fun, esp our participation in the local media coverage. And then last weekend was in Santa Barbara, CA and then Santa Monica, CA. I stayed at the Historic Georgian hotel in SM, seen here.

I took a walk early in the morning before my flight and checked out the West Coast Arlington Memorial, as they call it, on the beach in Santa Monica, near the Pier.

Riggs heads this weekend to South Beach to tear it up with Crazy Eddie, while yours truly spends some much needed QT with O-Town. Then we look forward to a Thanksgiving in Indianapolis - even making time to catch a Colts game.

Till next time....

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well it's a long time coming but I am now posting the infamous Fahs family reunion pic from the summer. Some were less scared of the bullets wizzing by at the gun club in York than others, but nonetheless fun was had by all eventually. Those who married into the clan will just have to get used to it. The St. Simons folks were well represented for the first time in years which was a treat for yours truly. Not sure if it was the same sweetness for maybe he got a little more than he bargained for when he married me!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

He's bringing Sexy back

Yes, Justin hits us with his new jams this week. I however am not bringing sexy I live vicariously through Justin today.

Just returned from a trip to Boulder....great town. If not for getting winded just climbing a flight of stairs I'd consider living there. We hit a great film tour premier called the Reel Rock Film Tour - check it out at good stuff. If I hadn't drugged myself with Dramamine and Sierra Nevedas I might have partied a little too.

Next stop, Vegas. Off to Lake Las Vegas tomorrow for a mixture of work and baby-less sleep. ahhhh

Monday, August 21, 2006

I guess it's been awhile since I've posted. It's been a fun, albeit hot and humid summer. I've just returned from a quickie trip out West to Santa Barbara and it's a place I could def. frequent. It made me look forward to my trip to San Diego in the fall too...even though I hate going away from Olivia and the family even for a few days. Riggs just has his Christmas in August this past weekend as he and his boys had their draft party, which is his happiest day of the year no doubt. His confidence is up and he was voted best team.....if he wins I think I'll use the money for a new handbag :) News in the Olivia world includes starting in the 2 year old room at school, partying at her friend Camryn's first birthday and trying her first hot dog at the farmers market this weekend. What a life!

.....more soon, as I have trips in a few weeks schedule for Boulder, CO and Lake Las Vegas. Nice.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

boring May

Well...I guess May sort of came and went with no comment....a few days in Annapolis picking crabs, doing a scavenger hunt, shopping and a sushi lunch under the guise of work presented a nice break for this mama. Mother's Day was quite a feast at the White Manor CC with my mom and brother.....come hell or high water I will not miss a mother's day brunch. The Wilmington flower market presented the occasion for Olivia to marvel at rides for the first time....something I'm sure she will love in a few years. Friend's kids birthday parties, playdates and BBQs outside made it so we were able to take advantage of our amazing May weather. I finished it off with a quick jaunt to the Jersey shore over Memorial Day weekend where both my mother and I managed to rack up time barfing in the loo from some kind of nasty 24 hr bug.

And now we have birthday month, and I'm actually excited to turn 33. More platdates and Gymboree as I get settled into the mom role more and more. We'll frequent the Wilmington Italian Festival where I will continue to plump up on Cannolis and water ice, and before we know it July will be here. We're all looking forward to our trip to New Engalnd to see friends in CT and RI. Will be sure to post some pics. For now, please enjpy a pic of Olivia skeptically enjoying her first corndog.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hello all. April held some good times and a bit of travel for me. Toward the end of the month I packed my bags for the long ass haul out to Whistler....2 planes, an unexpected run in with CA immigration and a bus ride later, I found myself in Whistler Village, at the heart of the Telus Spring festival. They get up to 20, 000 people over that weekend and the weather was perfect- 65 degrees at the base and then great snow at the top....the best of both worlds, as they say. Oustide of a bunch of work meetings, I did get some time in the hot tub, with the concert stage just to my right......heard the likes of Spearhead, Jurassic 5, Blacklicious and more. Other highlights include sushi dinner in the village, sliding down Blackcomb (greens for me, thank you), a snowboarding brand fashion show with live DJ and breakdancers, many red bulls and some team bonding with my work mates. Missing Olivia was the hardest part. Now that I'm back, hubby Riggs heads to Cabo tomorrow for a friend's wedding. I'm the good wifey staying home to have some QT with O.

till next time....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vegas Baby! Sort of...

Ok, so I guess it takes having a child,being married and in your 30s to go someplace off the strip in Vegas. To see the "other side" of Vegas, check out the Red Rocks Canyon, but stay away from the Bonnie Springs motel. If the free, albeit very dangerous petting zoo doesn't scare you, the bedspread will. Even if you stay in the Bellagio, it's worth the trip to head out to the canyons for some breathtaking hikes and some smoke free air.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pimptastic in NYC

Good times were had in NYC this weekend as mama Riggs painted the town with super mom Meg "high Wattage" Williams. It was the latest night this mom will see for quite some time and thus I must document it for posterity.

The night began with my girl Marla at Ethel's on the Upper West side....very loungy and Morrocan. Then I hopped into a cab to meet Meg and clan at one of those "we're too cool to have a sign outside" clubs in Hell's Kitchen. The music was bumpin' and the Red Bulls flowing, ...both key ingredients to keep me awake past 10pm. One short cab ride later and we hopped out to see none other than Dan Aykroyd, lingering around NBC studios, trying to look important. Which leads me to the night's excitement...meeting up with our buds from LA, Damian and Hayes. We all headed to Asia de Cuba,.....drinkies for some, and a VIP dinner for others. Good times indeed.....Special thanks to Hayes and his wife for putting up with our "tag-along" butts !

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well, the Riggs fam headed off to Park City for Sundance (as well as the Burton Demo Tour). We left our body guards at home and fended off the papperazi as much as possible. Our kind of fame can be exhausting.

Katie and Jordan learned to snowboard, Andy pretended he needed a first timer lesson for a free lift ride, and Lis had some very lonely, cold rides up the hill by herself :( But seriously, great weather, good food, great company and even a few celebrity star sightings were had.

The growing family

Well, as you can see, our extended family is growing like crazy. Seen here is the Doyle side of the family away on vacation in the islands. My niece Kiera and her sister Phoebe are growing too fast! (seen here with mom, Denise).