Monday, February 18, 2008

Work "looks" fun

Unlike most, I dont dread going to work. In fact, I pretty much love what I do. But still, it is, after all work. I am in a building that was designed in the 70s, and while new desks and carpet and fresh coat of paint go a long way, sometimes I look around the office and its just BLA. So to spice things up I order a few times a year from this great website, See Jane Work. Check it out

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lets all choose to have a great day.

I had to post this. I think I have had mixed feelings about "the secret" ever since I became aware of it. But the more I learn, the more I see it happening all around me. Please feel free to start your day with this video. Upon first watching it seems a bit hokey,.... or too perhaps too spiritual, but regardless of how it seems to you, the message is there. Once you're aware of it, the law of attraction is undeniable.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I want to Live Strong

So I am kicking it into high gear this week. Giving myself the smack down on bad habits and trying to step it up for my workouts. I know come spring I will thank myself. But aside from not fitting into any of my pants yet which is driving me nutty, I have found inspiration in a couple of places. One, my hero Oprah who had Dr. Oz on again this week. Check out his great tips here . And on the workout side of things, I try and participate in the Livestrong Challenge each year but this year it conflicts with a big work event in Colorado called the GORE-TEX Trans Rockies Run which I am going to attend this year. Last year I was 8 months pregnant so couldn't fly out there but this year,... if I start training now, I might even be able to participate for a day.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lets not talk politics at dinner.....

Or over drinks for that matter. I do subscribe to this social rule. In fact, I learned the hard way that you just shouldn't talk politics in general with friends. I was reading one of my trade pubs this week and came across a great marketing program that Nintendo did in marketing the Wii....they did a press event with mom bloggers. (sadly I was not invited). Anyway, so I checked out the blog of the trendy mom blogger who hosted the Wii event - I was really thrown for a loop at how much she was blogging about her support for a certain presidential candidate. Isnt that a bit risky for a blogger to do- potentially alienating your own fanbase? So rest assured I am not going to tell you who to vote for on this blog, but I am going to seriously encourage you to educate yourself on the platforms on which each of our presidential candidates stand. There are a ton of sites out there that can help. I'm a big fan of
MTV's Choose or Lose. If you MUST talk this unpleasantness at your next social gathering, the least you can do is be informed.