Sunday, October 19, 2014


There are so many reasons being "connected" is the pretty much the best thing ever, but do you want to know what is NOT the best thing ever? Its Ebola.  Thing is, Ebola, and a ton of other frightening things that make me never want to leave my house have been around forever, but because we have access to so much information I know way to much about scary things.  If you put "Ebola" in Google you get 28,300,000 results.  Right. And do yourself a favor and do NOT Google it and click on Images. You literally might quarantine your family until the end of time. I wont even waste my time putting an image of Ebola under a microscope here because if you are a human living in the world right now you know exactly what that looks like.

So all this connectedness has seriously provided me with too much information.....all of it freakin' scary.  Sometimes I hear folks blaming the media for scaring us....After all, they do amplify the worst parts of being on this planet for the purpose of ratings, but I dare say we are worse.  The incessant posts from freaked out parents on Facebook, the tweets about the way did you know that the death rate for the Flu (yes, the Flu) has hovered on average around 32k people per year for the last decade. The FLU!

My latest freakout is of course the Enterovirus D68.  My son has Asthma and so now I am that mom forcing him to carry hand sanitizer everywhere he goes,  likely planting some sort of OCD seed in his impressionable brain.  I have to tell you, I much preferred living in ignorance. So I do this thing where I try to distract myself.  Lets try it now.

So in other news. I have been excited since MAY about the Thug Kitchen cookbook...the weirdest part about that being the fact that I do not cook.  But anyway, I pre-ordered that puppy months ago and got very excited that it shipped. Well...turns out my BFFs at Amazon shipped it inside a box with our mattress pad and needless to say I'm pretty sure we recycled the whole thing.  Nice. So back on Amazon I just went to order again.  I highly suggest the Thug Kitchen Blog while you anxiously await my review of the actual book.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And We're Back!...Top ten reasons I love home.

Remember that SNL Skit with Jimmy Fallon as the all too familiar cheezed-out local radio DJ?  That soundbite keeps playing in my head...."and we're back!"

Don't waste your time trying to find any of those funny ass video clips on the inter-webs because Lorne Michaels has that shiz on lock down.... otherwise I would have grabbed it and plopped it here for your enjoyment. I digress...

We actually ARE back--in our home sweet home.  To recap....Jan:lots of snow, lots of power loss. Feb:more of the power, lots of fires in the fireplace and next thing you know our roof is on fire.  Damn.   Cue quick move with nothing but the clothes on our back to a furnished apt.  I'm sure I will work up the courage to describe the 5 months in that apartment at some point because it will make for some hilarious posts but for now its all about celebrating being HOME.  

Here are my top 10 reasons I #lovemyhome.  Please feel free to comment on yours!
  1. My big ass, upgraded, pillow topped, soft sheet having sleigh bed!! I wish I could enter a sleeping contest because I have been waiting to train for something like that my whole adult life. 
  2. The pantry.  How lame that this is second on my list?  There is something satisfying about knowing I have a shelf space carved out for massive amounts of dill pickles, crackers, pasta, skittles and paper products.  Why is that a luxury?  Maybe I need to rethink what is actually exciting in this life. 
  3. Dare I say the garage?  It took 16 years of street parking for this to inch  into my top three. but it has a solid place there. 
  4. The mud room.  How was a mud room never a thing when I was growing up.  We all so desperately needed it...or maybe we didn't but how didn' t we??  Is it wrong that I look for pics of cool mud rooms on pinterest?  
  5. Space.  I knew I liked to be alone; truly by myself sometimes. But it took living in a very small apartment to realize just how much I need to have alone time to maintain my sanity.  I didn't care for people in the kitchen looking at my boobies while I was getting dressed in the bedroom, those two areas being only about 4 feet apart. Yes, I know this is a FWP, first world problem.
  6. My kitchen counter tops. Because they are sparkly and sparkles make me very happy.  And everything in that kitchen is favorite color. Gray is Perfection, PS can someone tell me whether its gray or grey officially?
  7. My "gym."  Yep I have gym in quotes. I do workout .....I try for 6 days a week and I get in 3-4 (sometimes 5..sorry Tracy Anderson) I call this a gym loosely because its a room in the house that is ceiling or drywall...just some kid art to cheer things up. But its my space , which per above, I tend to love. 
  8. My shower.  Who needs a tub?  Not this girl. One of my favorite hotels, in Boulder, CO (the St. Julian) has these great bathrooms where the showers feature beautiful river rock. That was my inspiration.  And bonus, it feels great on your feet.
  9. My closet. Its huge. 3 Indian families could live in this space, which some days fills my cup with guilt.  But not enough guilt to sell our house and give India the money.   See above reference to FWP.
  10. It's our home.  We worked hard to buy the raw land, we designed and built our home.  We watched it burn down and we built it again.  We live in the quiet pasture of a horse long gone called Banjo, and we love it.  

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Meet Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner is our big ass goldfish.  His actions seem to indicate he is the tank ambassador.  He is an impressive guy, and I am considering elevating his role to apartment ambassador. I'll keep you posted.  

While Chicken Dinner often provides the most entertainment value, his tank-mates are also an impressive bunch.  Fellow fishies Tony Stark, Killer Shark and Loofa have proven their resilience time and time again.  Not only did they outlive all reasonable predictions for fish procured at a fairground game, they also survived a week of no heat in a snowy PA home, as well as a major house fire in said PA home!  

So here's to you Chicken Dinner.  You da man. #ChickenDinner

Monday, March 31, 2014

First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment) | First Kiss Video

Figured after a long hiatus, a controversial blog post might kickstart an effort to get this blog thing going as a means to an end.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturday Night Live - What Up With That? - Video -

A dream came true for me this weekend....I was there live at SNL and they not only did Garth and Kat, a personal favorite, they did "What up with that?" Enjoy

Saturday Night Live - What Up With That? - Video -

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banjo the Fence Sitting Horse

Well, after years of city living, my husband finally convinced me to move into the country.  Granted, for anyone west of the Mississippi, being a mile from a major highway hardly constitutes country living, but for me it's going to feel like living in a foreign land! 

Anyway, meet Banjo. We never knew Banjo but evidently he was a very famous horse in these parts.  As I understand it, Banjo was a very sweet old boy who suffered from arthritis in his later years.  Ever resourceful, Banjo found relief by 'backin it up' against his fence.  So now, in his honor they renamed our future residence "Banjo's Trail", which I find completely endearing if not amusing.  Maybe the country ain't so bad after all. 

In other bizarre news, yesterday I went running in one of those "over 55" neighborhoods that are popping up for our aging boomers about every quarter mile, and I had to do a double take.  There was a man in his garage, sitting on a folding chair, surrounded by oversized framed art.  OK sort of weird but get this, next to him, in another folding chair was a woman. Oh, wait, um, it totally wasn't a woman it was a mannequin positioned the same way he was in his chair!  What goes on in those over 55 neighborhoods????  

About the Photo
Digital Photo by Seth Fox, Chadds Ford, PA
Kodak DX3500
© 2001 Photo by S. Fox. All rights reserved.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring Cleansing

ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Tao Mango, 14-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)I'm struggling to down a little blue and orange bottle of  "premium" coconut water.  
Who decided this was the new cool thing, because unless you are on Survivor, this has to be considered prison food. Monday mornings are always like this for me.  A pathetic attempt to erase the toxic weekend (donuts, beer, sweet potato fries, chocolate covered frozen bananas, you get the idea) with a few healthy choices.  So breakfast this morning has been two hard boiled eggs, this weird coconut water and a smoothie.

For months now I have been considering trying a cleanse.  It is spring cleaning time after all.  But I have two issues with it.  One, I'll be so hungry that I will be miserable and unable to focus.  But that's just a theory.  Two, the price.  I mean, really??  I cant seem to find one that  that is less than $200.  Why should three days of not eating cost more than three days of eating??

So while I haven't decided I will actually do this yet, here's what I'm considering.  The first cleanse was recommended on GOOP you have to figure if Gwyneth is a fan....It's the Clean Program.  It seems to come with the fixings for both the drink/shakes and the supplements.  It kind of sort of feels like a bargain since its a 21 day cleanse and its only $250 plus shipping.  The problem is there is NO WAY I can do this for more than  few days, let alone 21!

The next one I thought I might try was the Blue Print Cleanse because I read about it in some magazine.  Evidently some celebs do cleanses like this pre-Oscars so they can squeeze into their gowns.  While I have no gowns whatsoever, I do like the cool packaging and the drinks actually look tasty.  But I think everything is looking tasty to me right now because I'm choking down this weird coconut water.

The next is the Organic Avenue Love Cleanse.  I am keen on their packaging and overall presentation, and also, the place was recommended by Tracy Anderson, owner of the perfectly toned trainer body I crave, but it's almost $300 with shipping.  I'm NYC bound this weekend and so am considering visiting one of their locations, but dont want to have to lug it around the city with me.   Finally, I did come across something that Selma Hayak is promoting that was in Oprah's favorite things recently. It's Cooler Cleanse.  Are all of these starting to seem the same to you too??

The Naked Truth Green Machine Superfood Juice Smoothie 15.2 Oz Pack of 3So, I decided maybe I could "create my own cleanse" by just sort of throwing a few of these juices together. How about a handful of  Naked Juice  throughout the day, plus a few complementary  foods like raw almonds, egg whites and some plain, raw tuna?   I mean,  I already drink green one just about every day, in order to get a full serving of dark green veggies. I'm considering doing it this week, so I report back next week with results!!