Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Belated Chicken Dinner Update

From your friend the worst blogger ever, I am here to update the riveted reader on a few things. Remember this post Meet Chicken Dinner ?  Well, if I could have a a moment of silence please, that would be great.  After settling back into the Banjos Trail home last summer, our little water babies were swimming around as if they owned the place. True happiness.  Well...#winteriscoming as they say....oh and it came. And brought strange goldfish diseases that made their scales paler and their eyeballs stop working.  Yes most of these poor dudes were eating their own poop at the very end, but this story does have a really moving detail.

We were down to just Loofa, a blind Tony Stark and Beefy Chicken Dinner (the clear leader of the freaks) and then, with no warning, Chicken Dinner was gone.  And here is the know those touching stories of the elderly couple -where one dies and then even though they are totally healthy, shortly after the other also dies (of heartbreak, of course)? Well....sure enough that is true in nature as well.  Within only days of Chicken Dinner departing that funky tank, his brothers did too. That is true love.

The ground was frozen...too frozen to even dig a shallow grave. So we left them all in paper towels on our patio, which is pretty unforgivable, I know.  (Remind me not to add any more things that are alive to my household).  So take a moment...lets remember them as they were....fair ground fishies that withstood fire, ice, near starvation and a whole lot of tank funk. Pour a splash of Old E on the ground for these brave homies.


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