Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enhanced water wars: "hydrate responsibly"

I saw an amazing brand marketing presentation recently around the enhanced water category and the result of that is a keen interest in the emerging industry itself. I have taken to trying every overpriced, wasteful plastic bottle of VitaminWater there is. The verdict is in....my favorite flavs are: XXX and B-Relaxed. Loving those. The rest of them you can have....too "juicy" and not "watery" enough for me. And the big missing link for me is caffeine, which I embrace at every opportunity. So aside from those two flavs I am back on Propel which has recaptured my favor due to the addition of vitamins and caffeine.....unlike others, I enjoy the bitter aftertaste of artificial sweetener and so will take that over the extra calories and tooth brushing. I'll leave that for the Red Bull I have every single morning....not kidding friends...I do have a Red Bull every morning around 8am...but its mostly bc I've been up with my son for 4 hours already at that point and my coffee high is long gone. So have your own little taste test.....maybe that store brand is actually as good and you can save a few bucks. (I doubt it though....).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another reason to love Google

Have I told you lately that I love Google?? Today I came across this quick logo design contest on their home page:Google art contest. So cool. I cannot believe how amazing the 10-12th grade designs are. Enjoy.

I love barettes

If you have a young daughter or niece, check this great site out, taia.....cute little ribbon barettes at a good price.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another gift card.....

Ok, so I happen to LOVE gift cards. Espically the kind for
Peter Kate, Amazon,orNordstrom. But for all of you that get gift cards to stores that aren't in your top ten, you need to visit Plastic Jungle where you can trade it for something you'd rather have or cash it in! Very cool.