Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enhanced water wars: "hydrate responsibly"

I saw an amazing brand marketing presentation recently around the enhanced water category and the result of that is a keen interest in the emerging industry itself. I have taken to trying every overpriced, wasteful plastic bottle of VitaminWater there is. The verdict is in....my favorite flavs are: XXX and B-Relaxed. Loving those. The rest of them you can have....too "juicy" and not "watery" enough for me. And the big missing link for me is caffeine, which I embrace at every opportunity. So aside from those two flavs I am back on Propel which has recaptured my favor due to the addition of vitamins and caffeine.....unlike others, I enjoy the bitter aftertaste of artificial sweetener and so will take that over the extra calories and tooth brushing. I'll leave that for the Red Bull I have every single morning....not kidding friends...I do have a Red Bull every morning around 8am...but its mostly bc I've been up with my son for 4 hours already at that point and my coffee high is long gone. So have your own little taste test.....maybe that store brand is actually as good and you can save a few bucks. (I doubt it though....).

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