Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And We're Back!...Top ten reasons I love home.

Remember that SNL Skit with Jimmy Fallon as the all too familiar cheezed-out local radio DJ?  That soundbite keeps playing in my head...."and we're back!"

Don't waste your time trying to find any of those funny ass video clips on the inter-webs because Lorne Michaels has that shiz on lock down.... otherwise I would have grabbed it and plopped it here for your enjoyment. I digress...

We actually ARE back--in our home sweet home.  To recap....Jan:lots of snow, lots of power loss. Feb:more of the power, lots of fires in the fireplace and next thing you know our roof is on fire.  Damn.   Cue quick move with nothing but the clothes on our back to a furnished apt.  I'm sure I will work up the courage to describe the 5 months in that apartment at some point because it will make for some hilarious posts but for now its all about celebrating being HOME.  

Here are my top 10 reasons I #lovemyhome.  Please feel free to comment on yours!
  1. My big ass, upgraded, pillow topped, soft sheet having sleigh bed!! I wish I could enter a sleeping contest because I have been waiting to train for something like that my whole adult life. 
  2. The pantry.  How lame that this is second on my list?  There is something satisfying about knowing I have a shelf space carved out for massive amounts of dill pickles, crackers, pasta, skittles and paper products.  Why is that a luxury?  Maybe I need to rethink what is actually exciting in this life. 
  3. Dare I say the garage?  It took 16 years of street parking for this to inch  into my top three. but it has a solid place there. 
  4. The mud room.  How was a mud room never a thing when I was growing up.  We all so desperately needed it...or maybe we didn't but how didn' t we??  Is it wrong that I look for pics of cool mud rooms on pinterest?  
  5. Space.  I knew I liked to be alone; truly by myself sometimes. But it took living in a very small apartment to realize just how much I need to have alone time to maintain my sanity.  I didn't care for people in the kitchen looking at my boobies while I was getting dressed in the bedroom, those two areas being only about 4 feet apart. Yes, I know this is a FWP, first world problem.
  6. My kitchen counter tops. Because they are sparkly and sparkles make me very happy.  And everything in that kitchen is favorite color. Gray is Perfection, PS can someone tell me whether its gray or grey officially?
  7. My "gym."  Yep I have gym in quotes. I do workout .....I try for 6 days a week and I get in 3-4 (sometimes 5..sorry Tracy Anderson) I call this a gym loosely because its a room in the house that is ceiling or drywall...just some kid art to cheer things up. But its my space , which per above, I tend to love. 
  8. My shower.  Who needs a tub?  Not this girl. One of my favorite hotels, in Boulder, CO (the St. Julian) has these great bathrooms where the showers feature beautiful river rock. That was my inspiration.  And bonus, it feels great on your feet.
  9. My closet. Its huge. 3 Indian families could live in this space, which some days fills my cup with guilt.  But not enough guilt to sell our house and give India the money.   See above reference to FWP.
  10. It's our home.  We worked hard to buy the raw land, we designed and built our home.  We watched it burn down and we built it again.  We live in the quiet pasture of a horse long gone called Banjo, and we love it.  

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