Sunday, October 19, 2014


There are so many reasons being "connected" is the pretty much the best thing ever, but do you want to know what is NOT the best thing ever? Its Ebola.  Thing is, Ebola, and a ton of other frightening things that make me never want to leave my house have been around forever, but because we have access to so much information I know way to much about scary things.  If you put "Ebola" in Google you get 28,300,000 results.  Right. And do yourself a favor and do NOT Google it and click on Images. You literally might quarantine your family until the end of time. I wont even waste my time putting an image of Ebola under a microscope here because if you are a human living in the world right now you know exactly what that looks like.

So all this connectedness has seriously provided me with too much information.....all of it freakin' scary.  Sometimes I hear folks blaming the media for scaring us....After all, they do amplify the worst parts of being on this planet for the purpose of ratings, but I dare say we are worse.  The incessant posts from freaked out parents on Facebook, the tweets about the way did you know that the death rate for the Flu (yes, the Flu) has hovered on average around 32k people per year for the last decade. The FLU!

My latest freakout is of course the Enterovirus D68.  My son has Asthma and so now I am that mom forcing him to carry hand sanitizer everywhere he goes,  likely planting some sort of OCD seed in his impressionable brain.  I have to tell you, I much preferred living in ignorance. So I do this thing where I try to distract myself.  Lets try it now.

So in other news. I have been excited since MAY about the Thug Kitchen cookbook...the weirdest part about that being the fact that I do not cook.  But anyway, I pre-ordered that puppy months ago and got very excited that it shipped. Well...turns out my BFFs at Amazon shipped it inside a box with our mattress pad and needless to say I'm pretty sure we recycled the whole thing.  Nice. So back on Amazon I just went to order again.  I highly suggest the Thug Kitchen Blog while you anxiously await my review of the actual book.

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