Thursday, June 15, 2006

boring May

Well...I guess May sort of came and went with no comment....a few days in Annapolis picking crabs, doing a scavenger hunt, shopping and a sushi lunch under the guise of work presented a nice break for this mama. Mother's Day was quite a feast at the White Manor CC with my mom and brother.....come hell or high water I will not miss a mother's day brunch. The Wilmington flower market presented the occasion for Olivia to marvel at rides for the first time....something I'm sure she will love in a few years. Friend's kids birthday parties, playdates and BBQs outside made it so we were able to take advantage of our amazing May weather. I finished it off with a quick jaunt to the Jersey shore over Memorial Day weekend where both my mother and I managed to rack up time barfing in the loo from some kind of nasty 24 hr bug.

And now we have birthday month, and I'm actually excited to turn 33. More platdates and Gymboree as I get settled into the mom role more and more. We'll frequent the Wilmington Italian Festival where I will continue to plump up on Cannolis and water ice, and before we know it July will be here. We're all looking forward to our trip to New Engalnd to see friends in CT and RI. Will be sure to post some pics. For now, please enjpy a pic of Olivia skeptically enjoying her first corndog.

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