Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two things....

I'm going to try and make this blogging thing more regular now that I am in a "routine." Since I sit in front of a computer most weekdays I get to poke around to a lot of great websites and blogs. So here are my two things for today.

This past weekend I got a great facial at my favorite spa, Calista Grand and while I was there noticed a great line of handbags....big and small and very colorful. All leather but so supple I though they might be vegan. Anyway, visit Latico Leathers. I was dying to buy one, but resisted....I cannot justify another bag right now. Which leads me to a thought I have all of the time - Why cant stars like Lindsay Lohan and Mary Kate Olsen donate their sweet handbags to fashionista suburban moms like me? I mean, I once saw a cribs episode with Kimora Lee and she was showing us her closet...which had, seriously, about 150 designer handbags strewn on the shelves like stepchildren. She totally is no longer going to carry them, bc they are SO last year or whatever. So what happens to all of these handbags that stars carry for about a week and then toss? Toss them my way sistas! Seriously...I need to start a little handbag drive for us budget conscious moms who crave a little bit of luxe! Anyway, thats what I was thinking about last night in yoga during shavasana when I was supposed to be imagining myself floating atop water like a lily pad.

One a more serious note, lets switch gears bc this week my favorite girlfriend Oprah gave us her Oprahs Quit Smoking Challenge. I dare say I still have a few peeps who allow themselves to smoke. You know who you are!! Oprah can help!

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