Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Been a LONG time. Lots of great stuff going on. We're welcoming the first real warm weather this week which is putting everyone in a good mood. March brough a trip to Copper was a nice get away but not as nice as being home with the family. We also had a visit from the Indy clan which was exciting.

Last night my mother and I attended the Justin Timberlake concert in Philly. I was certain we'd be surrounded by 6th grade girls wobbling around in heels but we were greeted with a whole lot of folks who looked a lot like us....old! Pink opened for him and blew us away....hometown Philly girl. All is good.

We're looking forward to a fun Spring which will include a trip to St. Simons for the whole family over Easter. And then in May a trip out to the cabin in Indy. Olivia will really enjoy both trips I'm sure.

All for now!

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