Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am trying....

Well as all of you know I am a huge Oprah fan. I got snared in her Harpo web when I was home on maternity leave with my first little one. Ever since I am slowly turning into a stalker....I've been to the show, subscribed to her magazine, I tivo the show each day, get the email newsletters...the only thing I haven't done is tivo-ed (don't you love that Tivo is a verb now) the after-show broadcast and joined her book club. You see, it seriously takes me about 6 months to read a book properly bc yours truly doesn't settle in to read until about 9pm....and I go to bed at about 9:15. BUT with all of the pressure, buzz, and history making sales surrounding her web class re A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle I simply had to buy in. So I got the book on amazon.com, not a moment too soon....I am two chapters in: I am not yet awakened. Maybe its that I'm quite literally half asleep when I'm trying to be awakened...who knows.

One last thing about Oprah....I'll tell you what - she sure is putting the pressure on. Every show I watch adds one more thing to my mental list. My husband is starting to thinkI am nutty.....Oprah's backing Obama, well then I better find out why,..Dr. Oz says break your daily vitamin in half so you can have some now and some later,....I'm lucky to remember to even buy vitamins at the grocery store! Oprah says your bra needs to fit just right so go get measured....too bad my post pardum rack is a different shape each week. Drew Barrymore gives a cool mil to theWorld Food Program, well I must give what I can too then! Oprah says per the Law of Attraction I must always stay positive in the language I let pass my lips,....it goes on and on....they even called my comfy sweats the outfit of a schlumpadink! I must draw the line there Oprah. So the point is to say....I am trying.

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