Thursday, August 28, 2008

Running isnt for everyone...or is it?

The GORE-TEX (TM) Trans Rockies Run is going on this kicked off on Sunday in Beaver Creek, CO. Its a very cool race that I was certain was only for elite trail runners. I have been proven wrong in that assumption. A running pal of mine, Carl, is making a real go of it out there in the Rockies, taking the altitude in stride and keeping his eye on the finish line. Yesterday he completed a 24 miler in 7.5 hours. Today brings another 14 followed by the last two days at 23 miles and 21 miles. ALL IN THE MOUNTAINS!! He's pictured here with his running partner (the race is done in teams) Follow his run and the TRR fun here on the GORE-TEX (TM)TRR website.

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