Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banjo the Fence Sitting Horse

Well, after years of city living, my husband finally convinced me to move into the country.  Granted, for anyone west of the Mississippi, being a mile from a major highway hardly constitutes country living, but for me it's going to feel like living in a foreign land! 

Anyway, meet Banjo. We never knew Banjo but evidently he was a very famous horse in these parts.  As I understand it, Banjo was a very sweet old boy who suffered from arthritis in his later years.  Ever resourceful, Banjo found relief by 'backin it up' against his fence.  So now, in his honor they renamed our future residence "Banjo's Trail", which I find completely endearing if not amusing.  Maybe the country ain't so bad after all. 

In other bizarre news, yesterday I went running in one of those "over 55" neighborhoods that are popping up for our aging boomers about every quarter mile, and I had to do a double take.  There was a man in his garage, sitting on a folding chair, surrounded by oversized framed art.  OK sort of weird but get this, next to him, in another folding chair was a woman. Oh, wait, um, it totally wasn't a woman it was a mannequin positioned the same way he was in his chair!  What goes on in those over 55 neighborhoods????  

About the Photo
Digital Photo by Seth Fox, Chadds Ford, PA
Kodak DX3500
© 2001 Photo by S. Fox. All rights reserved.

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