Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring Cleansing

ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Tao Mango, 14-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)I'm struggling to down a little blue and orange bottle of  "premium" coconut water.  
Who decided this was the new cool thing, because unless you are on Survivor, this has to be considered prison food. Monday mornings are always like this for me.  A pathetic attempt to erase the toxic weekend (donuts, beer, sweet potato fries, chocolate covered frozen bananas, you get the idea) with a few healthy choices.  So breakfast this morning has been two hard boiled eggs, this weird coconut water and a smoothie.

For months now I have been considering trying a cleanse.  It is spring cleaning time after all.  But I have two issues with it.  One, I'll be so hungry that I will be miserable and unable to focus.  But that's just a theory.  Two, the price.  I mean, really??  I cant seem to find one that  that is less than $200.  Why should three days of not eating cost more than three days of eating??

So while I haven't decided I will actually do this yet, here's what I'm considering.  The first cleanse was recommended on GOOP you have to figure if Gwyneth is a fan....It's the Clean Program.  It seems to come with the fixings for both the drink/shakes and the supplements.  It kind of sort of feels like a bargain since its a 21 day cleanse and its only $250 plus shipping.  The problem is there is NO WAY I can do this for more than  few days, let alone 21!

The next one I thought I might try was the Blue Print Cleanse because I read about it in some magazine.  Evidently some celebs do cleanses like this pre-Oscars so they can squeeze into their gowns.  While I have no gowns whatsoever, I do like the cool packaging and the drinks actually look tasty.  But I think everything is looking tasty to me right now because I'm choking down this weird coconut water.

The next is the Organic Avenue Love Cleanse.  I am keen on their packaging and overall presentation, and also, the place was recommended by Tracy Anderson, owner of the perfectly toned trainer body I crave, but it's almost $300 with shipping.  I'm NYC bound this weekend and so am considering visiting one of their locations, but dont want to have to lug it around the city with me.   Finally, I did come across something that Selma Hayak is promoting that was in Oprah's favorite things recently. It's Cooler Cleanse.  Are all of these starting to seem the same to you too??

The Naked Truth Green Machine Superfood Juice Smoothie 15.2 Oz Pack of 3So, I decided maybe I could "create my own cleanse" by just sort of throwing a few of these juices together. How about a handful of  Naked Juice  throughout the day, plus a few complementary  foods like raw almonds, egg whites and some plain, raw tuna?   I mean,  I already drink green one just about every day, in order to get a full serving of dark green veggies. I'm considering doing it this week, so I report back next week with results!!

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missEMILIE said...

have you tried drinking the coconut water that is also with mango or guava? i mix that with my orange juice sometimes or even chilled over ice